Association between Hemoglobin Level and Severity of Chronic Periodontitis


  • Hind A. Aljohani King Abdulaziz University



Chronic periodontitis, Hemoglobin level, Systemic problems, Anemia.


The aim of this study is to investigate the association between hemoglobin level and the severity of chronic periodontitis. Data were collected from 124 systemically healthy chronic periodontitis patients, referred to the Division of Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, King Abdulaziz University. Medical history, dental history, and periodontal parameters such as bleeding on probing. Plus probing depth, clinical attachment loss and distance from cement-enamel junction to gingival margin, furcations, mobility and number of missing teeth] were recorded. Blood samples were collected to measure the hemoglobin level. The correlation between hemoglobin and the means of clinical attachment loss and bleeding on probing was insignificant. There was no significant difference in the mean hemoglobin level for individuals with different severity of periodontitis among male and females. The mean hemoglobin found to be insignificantly correlated with the number of missing teeth. No association between hemoglobin levels and periodontal status was found. Further longitudinal studies with larger sample size are needed to investigate this association, and the effect of periodontal treatment on hemoglobin level.

Author Biography

Hind A. Aljohani, King Abdulaziz University

Department of Oral Basic and Clinical Science




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Aljohani, H. A. (2010). Association between Hemoglobin Level and Severity of Chronic Periodontitis. Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Medical Sciences, 17(1), 53–64.