The Gundersen Flap: A New Modification

  • Ahmed M. Bawazeer King Abdulaziz University
  • Ashfaqque Maniyar King Abdulaziz University
  • George Mintsioulis University of Ottawa Eye Institute
  • Abdulrahman Al Muammar King Saud University
Keywords: Gundersen flap; Conjunctival flap; Be-pedicel vertical flap; Flap retraction.


To describe a new surgical technique as a modification of the Gundersen flap procedure. A retrospective evaluation of surgical outcomes of 10 patients with various ocular surface disorders which had two vertical bi-pedicel conjunctival flaps in order to cover the surface totally. 10 eyes of 10 patients' (4 females and 6 males) with age between 41-96 years old (mean 68.5 years) treated with modified conjunctival flap. Follow-up 8-38 months (mean 23 months). Only one patient developed flap retraction, no other complications reported during the follow-up period. Conjunctival flap is one of the surgical options to treat chronic corneal surface disorders. It can be partial or total, both techniques associated with several complications including flap retraction. This new modification may be a good alternative to minimize these complications.

Author Biographies

Ahmed M. Bawazeer, King Abdulaziz University

Department of Ophthalmology

Ashfaqque Maniyar, King Abdulaziz University
Department of Ophthalmology
George Mintsioulis, University of Ottawa Eye Institute
Department of Ophthalmology
Abdulrahman Al Muammar, King Saud University
Department of Ophthalmology
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Bawazeer, A. M., Maniyar, A., Mintsioulis, G., & Al Muammar, A. (2009). The Gundersen Flap: A New Modification. Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Medical Sciences, 16(1), 21-27.